I adore improv comedy and live in an area where we have a number of successful comedy clubs. Sure, they compete for the best talent, but the rivalry keeps comedy alive. It generates more interest and therefore attendance. It is the same with fast food. You put a new one on a corner opposite a pre-existing brand, and all of a sudden more people appear at both locations. Loving Paul Dinello as I do, I am on board with anything that promotes comedy in our time.

Apart from opening my own club, which of course I can’t do, I can be a patron as often as I can. Some clubs have a volunteer program where you can take tickets or be an usher to get you free admission to the shows. When I do this, I have to try hard to balance my time as there is so much to see. I rank the new comedians and report to my friends who have the same interests. In fact, a friend of mine performs and likes to know what is going on about town. She is starting a new job at one of the more popular clubs and will be working nights. This is typical. Comedy appeals to the late-night crowd. They are not TV watchers or hangers on at local bars. They want to be amused and entertained. It fuels their existence.

I bought my friend a tactical flashlight as an aid to finding her car after the show is over. The light also provides a form of protection. Muggers I am told only like to work in the dark. The clubs are pretty safe overall and the audience fills the street, thus deterring thieves and marauders. I got a great, large LED model that I am sure she will love and won’t mind toting in her bag. She should never be without it. As a result of her connections, I expect to see a lot more comedy in coming weeks. Long live improv! I should get myself a flashlight, too, so I can light my way at night. If I want to stay after one of her shows, we can leave together or I will go first.

It doesn’t matter if the house has emptied and one of us may end up alone. She has to gather her things and say goodbye to the manager and crew, and so spends a bit of excess time. I want her to be safe and I crave the same feeling. A flashlight is a form of protection of sorts. I never want to have to resort to a real weapon although I suppose you could hit someone over the head with a heavy flashlight. But let’s not go there and spoil the ambiance of improv comedy. I only want it to be associated with fun. I have digressed for a moment but will return to my favorite subject in future blogs to keep the art form alive.