I wanted to put this out there right upfront so there is no confusion—I’m not Paul. That would be weird considering I write about him in the third person. I don’t actually know him either. We aren’t in contact with each other. If you want to reach him, I suspect you would have to contact his agent, which as far as I know is here:

Paul Dinello
c/o John Huddle @ United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212

You may also be able to write to him care of The Late Show.

Months ago, I decided that I wanted to write a blog. but I knew I needed a direction to take it in, otherwise it would be a rambling mess that nobody would read. I wanted to do something about my town, Chicago. But there are probably a million blogs out there talking about the same thing. I talked to some friends and they suggested writing about my love of The Second City. However, there have been so many great actors and actresses that have come out of there that it seemed like all I would be doing is writing bio after star-studded bio. And The Second City’s website is pretty good, I don’t know what I could possibly add to it. Instead, I decided to try a different angle by pick a show that I knew and liked starring members of The Second City. I thought it would be better if I chose something that wasn’t so well known. As a fan of Strangers with Candy, my decision became clear. I wanted to write about either Amy, Paul, or Stephen.

If you type Stephen Colbert’s name into your google search bar and you get over 2 million results. That’s an awful lot, even if Stephen is a real funny guy. A lot of that has to do with his success with the Colbert Report and The Late Show. It is all well deserved. Coming in second place is Amy Sedaris. She has almost 500,000 results, which I think is pretty impressive. Paul—just as talented as a writer, actor, and director in my humble opinion–gets only around 88,000. That surprised me. I thought he deserved more. As I’ve gotten more into the minds behind Strangers With Candy(as well as Exit 57), I have discovered that a lot of the stuff that I liked so much were his ideas. It really got me thinking. I wanted to create a place on the internet for Paul’s fans to hang out and talk shop about him and his work. He doesn’t have an official page or a twitter account (what are you waiting for, Paul?) so there aren’t many places on the interwebs for us. That meant there was an opening, so to speak, and I thought I would take on the job.

Anyway, so that’s my goal here. Let me know if there is anything you would like to know about Paul or his work. Who knows, it might be my next post!