When a new play comes to town, you can bet that I will be there. I am the first to buy tickets. I am lucky enough to have grown up in Chicago, the home of Second City, the local bastion of improve and comedy. If Paul Dinello is on TV, I will stay home and indulge my passion for anything with him in it or about him. He is a master at his comedy craft. I have been out and about as of late attending some hilarious improv. One sketch practically had me on my knees with laughter. It was about two lamebrains who were pretending to buy a new toilet. This is a funny subject in itself no matter who is doing the lines. Improv draws from the humor of everyday life, and you can’t get more mundane than a toilet.

If I were to write a skit, it wouldn’t be about a toilet. Pee-pee caca humor is not my forte. I usually disdain the baseness of jokes, but the sketch I saw elevated this type of laughs to new heights. Some great talent can be seen in Chicago. Many have spawned successful careers here. I could go on and on raving about some comedians. When the humor is unique, you revel in the originality. These kinds of people are few and far between. You just look at some types and want to roar. Surely, good comedy is a gift from heaven.

You would expect a sketch on buying a toilet to rely on the silliness of bathroom habits. You know, men who don’t miss the floor and perpetually have to tidy up. With the new models, those with all kinds of bells and whistles, you can mock the self-cleaning function. I don’t mean automatic flushing after every use with disinfectant. I mean cleaning a certain exposed part of the body. The guys at the club the other night had be howling at this imagery. While not wanting to reveal the habits of the Japanese (who manufacturing toilets with the new technology), they did spend considerable time on their unusual hygiene. Then it was time for comparisons with Americans, mostly males.

When buying a new toilet, there are some pretty critical decisions to make. Do you want state-of-the art toilet like the ones on this web site with a built-in bidet and is immediate liquid wiping your cup of tea? What can’t you live without? Some haven’t heard about the new innovations and it is an eye opener when you see them in action. After the night at the comedy club, I went out to a home appliance store to witness the new gadgetry for myself. I pretended to be buying a new toilet for a home in the process of remodeling. The salesman was only too obliging. He found a replica of one of the best Japanese devices made in the U.S. When he started in on its beneficial features I broke into a laugh. I started remembering the sketch. You are going to have to imagine the lines. I will end this blog in good taste.