If you happened upon this blog by accident or are just hoping to learn a little more about Paul Dinello, I have compiled a little bio for you. Keep in mind that it is current as of the day I am posting it!

PaulDinello was born November 28th, 1962 in Oak Park, Illinois. He attended De Paul University in Chicago, where he learned about The Second City (a comedy club and improv school). He attended some improv classes and was quite impressive. He was asked to audition for the troupe and was hired alongside such impressive names as Chris Farley, Amy Sedaris, and Stephen Colbert.

In 1994, after eight years of touring company work for The Second City, Paul, Amy, Stephen and another member of the cast named Mitch Rouse moved to New York. They developed a TV show called Exit 57 for Comedy Central. Despite earning five CableACE award nominations, it was canceled after two years.

Paul worked on a few independent films after the show’s ending; Shock Asylum, Beyond the Door, and Wheels of Fury were all shown at festivals. They were well received and earned him various accolades.

But having worked with Comedy Central before was a significant advantage to the team of Paul, Amy, and Stephen. They created a new show for the station, Strangers With Candy, a sort of homage to the cheesy after-school specials they were subjected to in their youth. Paulwas one of the writers. He also played a character named Geoffrey Jellineck, a teacher who tries to act like the students and who carries on anot-so-secret relationship with Stephen Colbert’s character, Chuck Noblet. The show lasted three years on Comedy Central.

The three friends worked on other projects (he wrote a novel with Amy, Wigfield, and a traveling play based on the book) but came back to Strangers With Candy. The directors from the TV show were no longer available, so they decided that Paul should direct the movie. Despite financing and studio problems, they were able to get the film made and released, much to the joy of SWC fans. After going behind the camera to direct the SWCmovie, Paul found it hard to get back in front of the camera. He directed a few other films, notably Gym Teacher: The Movie, which starred his friend Amy Sedaris.

After Stephen Colbert left The Daily Showwith Jon Stewart to create his own fake news show, The Colbert Report for Comedy Central, Paul came on as a writer.He also played the occasionally reoccurring character, Tad the building manager. Tad was often scolded by Colbert and forced to perform dangerous activities. When David Letterman retired and Colbert was named his successor for The Late Show on CBS, Paul made the transition with him and has been a writer on the show ever since.