I never miss out on an opportunity to go see a live comedy show here in Chicago, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I saw a bad show, it was probably never. There are no bad shows here, you just have to know what you like, what type of comedy you want to see and really be in the mood. There is a little something for everyone every weekend, but I don’t wanna go overboard and spend every Friday night at the comedy club. I like to go sparingly, with all my friends, and just have a great time.

My kind of comedy is the satiric and wry humor I’m used to seeing and hearing on Strangers with Candy and The Colbert Report. Those shows made me love comedy and that’s how I became a huge Paul Dinello fan. He’s a great actor and a great writer – too bad he hasn’t filmed anything new recently, but I’m still happy knowing that he writes for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris’ latest comedy series. That means I still get to laugh at his gems.

I recently rewatched Strangers with Candy for the umpteenth time, and it’s still good. Like a bottle of an old Merlot. Just FYI. I loved both Paul and Stephen there and, of course, Amy – it wouldn’t have been complete without her. Luckily, my friends are fans too, so I always have someone to do bits with, to act out scenes, and text quotes from the show. Those things really light up my day, especially when it’s a gloomy day.

When my friends and I do bits, we go all the way, I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up to us already and offer us a showbiz contract. My friend Josh was the class clown, so he’s the real talent among all of us, to the detriment of his personal belongings. He often destroys objects when he gets into character, like breaking his glasses, ripping his jeans, or slamming his watch against a wall. That last one really hurt, but we got him a new men’s watch, and he loved it.

I really appreciate Paul’s and Stephen’s friendship. It’s a rare thing to find these days, especially among famous people who’ve been working together for decades. I hope my friends and I also stay in touch over the years and still hang out doing our favorite activities – doing our bits, and making sure Josh doesn’t lose his phone again. It’s good to have role-models, it’s even better to have good friends.