I love throwing parties and birthdays are the ideal event to celebrate as there are so many ways to do it. For my friends, we could have a Paul Dinello lovefest evening and run Strangers with Candy. However, it would not be something really new for my crowd. They expect something like this from me. The friend with the birthday is a fan like me, of course, but he also has other interest. In fact, we met while snorkeling at North Beach Avenue. Thus I decided to make snorkeling gear central to the party and to be its primary theme. That means decorating with sea life imagery. This will be fun. You can use your imagination to the max when you have so much to choose from. I can have face masks and tanks and fins mounted on the walls. A black wet suit will adorn the door, faceless and enigmatic.

I want great food for the party and some unusual games. Of course, there will be music of the moment. I plan to give a speech and recount how we met which will explain the theme to newcomers. I will be wearing my own snorkeling gear head to toe which should come as a surprise to the guests who enter the now strange abode. Fish with staring eyes will challenge people to a set-to while a lugubrious octopus plays footsies with the starfish. A slithering eel will encounter a sting ray while a shark will devour whatever is near. My snorkeling gear is pretty extensive so I will hopefully pull off a real coup here. People will be talking about the odd party for weeks but it is the perfect way to honor a special friend who finds snorkeling as satisfying as I do.

I dimmed the lights and had done some black lighting in strategic places. It was staggered here and there so that the room came off as a total manipulated undersea exotic environment. It took a lot of collecting and borrowing to get all the fish decorations. I literally took the shark off my uncle’s wall. He is a mighty sea hunter and fortunately had just the right trophy. It was a strange but captivating amalgam of images. The guests were flabbergasted and poured out raves. “Where on earth….” Seemed to be the comment of the evening. I got more than a few smiles when I explained my motivation. Most people celebrate birthdays with a decorated cake. This was a feast for the eyes and a real undersea extravaganza. Who goes to these lengths? You might guess that I did because of my special relationship with the birthday honoree. This accounts for a birthday with a twist.

I have been asked since to help others plan novelty parties but my talent stops here. Snorkeling was the ideal theme and not I care to replicate for anyone else. I did document it on Instagram and invited anyone who wanted to copy it to go for it.